Meet Dr. Gina Lederman

The past 34 years as a dentist have been very rewarding for me, especially now that I get to work with both of my daughters. I really enjoy meeting new people and easing them through their dental experiences. We have many third- and fourth-generation patients in our practice, and it warms my heart to blend their families with ours.

My Education and Experience

Just like Dr. Paul Lederman, I too am a graduate of the University of Washington, School of Dentistry, earning my Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1987. I practiced for ten years in both Seattle and Issaquah before starting my family. When my two daughters were young, I took some time off to be a full-time mom. Over the years, I have occasionally filled in for Dr. Lederman, but now that my kids are grown and both working here at Lederman & Lederman, DDS, I’ve joined the practice full time.

Family Life

When I’m not in the office, my personal interests include enjoying time with my family and traveling with them, gardening, indoor plants, needlepoint, and caring for our family pets, which includes two West Highland terriers and two Nigerian dwarf goats.